What is a Salon Suite?

Why should you consider it?


Now that we’ve established what a salon suite is, you’re probably asking yourself if this is something you should consider.


Renting a salon suite is often an excellent choice for talented, busy professionals who have an entrepreneurial mindset!


So, renting your own salon suite means in no uncertain terms, that you are a certified professional, look-out-world-here-I-come, kick-ass business owner!


Think about it - you’d be your own boss, you’d run your salon the way you wanted, create your own vibe with your decor and only have to abide by simple landlord rules. You make your own schedule, carry the products you love and set your own prices.


Even better, renting your own suite, means you don’t have to worry about shared revenue anymore. Consider this, no matter how many clients you attract into a salon where you work, part of the revenue is always going to the salon owner. It makes sense, right?  They are running the business and are paying all the overhead expenses (advertising, rent etc), BUT when working for yourself, in your own salon suite, it means YOU get to keep all the profits!


While being your own boss and keeping all the profits are definitely some of the pros to renting a salon suite. It’s also important to mention that renting your own suite means that you have the creative freedom you’ve likely always desired. 


Working for someone else can be wonderful experience, but often, established salons have a specific way of doing things, and they ask their employees to abide by them.


You control your client experience from start to finish. You can decide which niches you cater to and you can develop your own guidelines for your suite.