What is a Salon Suite?

What is a Salon Suite?

Salon Suites are a collaboration of Beauty Professionals, all operating under one roof yet in their own personalized independent suite. Salon Suites provides the opportunity to own a small business without the stress and costly overhead such as expensive build outs, payroll, rising utility costs and building maintenance.


Salon Suites is one of the newest concepts to hit Canada. They have been successfully running in the United States since the early 90’s. In fact, 65% of stylists in the US are salon suite owners.


A salon suite consists of stylists, barbers, estheticians, lash and permanent makeup artists, nurse injectors, Registered Massage Therapists or anyone in the beauty and wellness industry.


Essentially, a salon suite is a space you lease from a Beauty Gallery owner (landlord). The business within the suite is yours and you are in charge of how you run it, but the room itself is owned by the landlord. Much like leasing an apartment.


The landlord and property manager will take care of the buildings’ upkeep, running of the facility and maintaining a beautiful space.


You are responsible for paying rent, following the standard guidelines and running a kickass business with within your suite.


Often people get salon suites mixed up with a ‘booth’ or ‘chair’ rental. They may sound similar but are very different.


A booth or chair rental simply means you are renting space within someone else’s business.


You are not exactly running your own business with a chair rental, but you are not exactly under a boss either. You will need to abide by the rules of the owner of the salon, won’t always be considered their employee. With chair rental you don’t make decisions about the space and you certainly are not in charge of how to decorate, organize or operate the space.